Stone & Masonary Cleaning

CPL t/a Rainbow International are experts in stone cleaning using a selection of techniques for exceptional results. We have worked on everything from private homes to large commercial or industrial buildings; clients across the country trust us to do a fantastic job.

With many years of experience providing a full range of specialist cleaning services, you can count on us to restore your property without damaging the material. We work carefully and thoroughly, leaving you with attractive, clean stonework. For any stone cleaning solutions, please get in touch with us today for more information or a free quote.

We are one of the leading stone cleaning companies in the South East. Dealing with anything from full façade cleaning and high access cleaning to small specialised work such as graffiti removal, our team has the experience to carry out any kind of cleaning you need.

Having dirty stonework and masonry can leave your building looking old, worn and neglected – this could give customers a bad impression of your business. We can quickly and efficiently return your property to its natural state.

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Stone Cleaning Techniques We Use

We have built up a trusted reputation and part of that is thanks to our use of state-of-the-art equipment. Here are some of the techniques we use to clean stonework:

  • Pressure washing – pressure washing uses high pressure water jets to quickly clean anything from dust and mud to grime and mould. Whether you need it for general cleaning of the outside of a building or you need something specific removed, pressure washing can be the ideal solution.
  • Media blasting – also known as abrasive blasting, media blasting involves spraying the wall with an abrasive agent using compressed air. This can clean anything from grime to soot and smoke damage as well as removing old paint.
  • DOFFthe DOFF System makes use of steam as the cleaning agent. With steam at a heat of 150°C, the DOFF System is perfect for cleaning even very tough biological substances such as moss and algae. It has the added advantage of being hot enough to kill any spores to stop biological matter or mould from growing back.
  • TORC – specially designed for deep stone cleaning, the TORC System uses a mix of fine granulate and low pressure along with a small amount of water. This gentle but effective cleaning method ensures that even delicate materials can be returned to their original beauty.

Where We Work

CPL t/a Rainbow International works across the South East. We have provided stone cleaning services throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and beyond. With extensive experience cleaning commonly-used building materials here, we bring expert knowledge to every job that we work on.

Don’t delay, call CPL t/a Rainbow International today!

If you need stone cleaning solutions or you would simply like more information from us you should get in contact with the team today. Call us on 0800 0304360 to chat to a friendly member of staff, or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.