Grit (Sand) Blasting Cleaning

Grit blasting, otherwise known as sand blasting, is a form of surface cleaning by which an abrasive media, often sand or grit, is accelerated through a nozzle at high speed by compressed air. This form of media blasting is used to clean or modify a surfaces properties.

Depending on the desired result, there are a number of different ‘grits’ that can be used. Grit blasting can be used to create a worn effect on materials or purely as a method of cleaning a surface to return it to its former condition.

Media Blasting


Grit blasting is a well-established form of abrasive cleaning used for a number of different applications with many benefits.

  • Removes the need to use chemicals in cleaning
  • Highly efficient
  • Versatile in use across a range of surfaces
  • Can be used to clean and texturize surfaces
  • Less disruption caused due to shorter length of time to clean a surface


Grit and Sand Blasting can be used for a number of different reasons and the different types of media available make it an adaptable cleaning method. Below are just some of the ways you can use grit blasting:

  • To clean and prepare a surface ready for painting, or other types of coating
  • Removal paint and rust from objects
  • Removal dirt from interior and exterior walls
  • Removal of rust and other types of corrosion
  • Ability to use on a range of different surfaces, including masonry, stonework, concrete and metal

Whether you are refurbishing machinery or looking to restore a building of heritage, Grit Blasting’s versatility allows for use across a number of projects.

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