Fire & Smoke Damages

20 Years Of Expert Service

CPL t/a Rainbow International offer dedicated fire and smoke damages service. Our services have been crafted over 20 years of cleaning up after fire has caused severe physical and smoke damaged properties. We help both private and commercial clients to completely clean up after the effects of fire and smoke damages. We understand that fire and smoke damage can have a serious impact on quality of home or work life, which is why our service are designed to make post fire and smoke damages as stress free as possible.

Our team provides both fire damage cleaning and smoke damage cleaning services, tackling the visible signs of fire and smoke as well as eliminating the residual odours. damage, and can safely clean all areas of an affected building.


Smoke Damages

Our team provides both fire damage cleaning and smoke damage cleaning services, tackling the visible signs of fire and smoke as well as eliminating the residual odours.

Fire restoration

Our fire restoration service deep-cleans the buildings and contents affected by smoke and fire, as well as removing soot from the premises, PAT testing electrical appliances and ensuring all unseen areas are fully decontaminated.

The most important part of a fire restoration process is making sure that the cleaning begins as soon as possible to minimise the lasting damage. Our fire and smoke damage cleaning team are available on a 24/7 call out, and work quickly and effectively to restore your home or business.

Fire damage cleaning services

If your building has suffered damage from a fire on the premises or at a nearby building, contact our professional team at CPL t/a Rainbow International today. The stress of dealing with a fire is one thing; the difficult restoration process is something you don’t need to take on too.
Our fire and smoke damage cleaning team work on both commercial and residential properties all across SussexSurrey and Kent, deep cleaning thoroughly and attentively to help our clients get back on their feet.
For expert assistance in dealing with fire or smoke damaged property, and for more information about the fire restoration services we provide for private and commercial clients, please choose one of the options below.

Do you offer a 24/7 call out?

Yes, call our team as soon as fire or smoke damage cleaning is required on, 0800 030 4360. The effects of smoke and fire need to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent long-term damage to buildings and furnishings.

Why should I use a professional fire damage cleaning company?

Calling a professional fire damage cleaning firm to help with post fire restoration will keep your costs lower in the long term, and maximise your chances of saving furnishings and décor. The process of effectively cleaning soot, smoke particles and scorch marks is detailed and thorough, which is why using an experienced team like CPL t/a Rainbow International is recommended.

Is it difficult to clean smoke damage?

Smoke damage is more extensive than most people realise, and sooty residue will start to permanently affect surfaces within minutes. Plastics and paint will become discoloured, metals begin to tarnish and smoke particles can settle into fabrics and upholstery, which can be difficult to thoroughly decontaminate. If the wrong cleaning methods are used, soot and smoke particles can actually cause more damage to décor and be harder to repair in the long run.
Fast and effective smoke damage cleaning takes professional experience to complete, and should be arranged as soon as possible.

Why is it important to start the fire damage restoration quickly?

Walls, surfaces and furnishings will start to permanently discolour within minutes of fire and smoke exposure – the longer that soot and smoke particles are left on a surface, the harder it will be to recover the décor and objects affected. By calling a professional fire restoration team out as soon as possible you will minimise the long-term damage, and also limit the number of items needing to be completely replaced.

Can there be hidden fire damage that you will find?

Hidden damage is a serious problem in the aftermath of a fire, as areas that are missed during fire restoration will continue to have an impact on the safety of your home or business premises. If air vents, HVAC systems or crawl spaces are not decontaminated, soot and smoke particles can continue to cause discolouration and unpleasant odours once the rest of the building is cleaned.
Our professional team are experienced with thoroughly searching for and restoring hidden areas of smoke damage, and can safely clean all areas in an affected building.

Don’t delay, call CPL t/a Rainbow International today!

Contact us for more information on how we can help with fire, smoke and water damage restoration. Please select one of the options below where we will provide essential advice and assistance with the cleaning and restoration of your home or commercial property. Alternatively we encourage you to contact us on 0800 0304360 and speak to our friendly team.