Drying Solutions

Drying solutions for drying out after a flood. Water Drying Solutions will effectively and efficiently dry out a property following flood or water damage. Often trapped moisture can result in further damage such as mould or damp if the building is not dried properly, so it is crucial that the incident is dealt with quickly.

We offer a range of specialist drying solutions to get you back up and running again. Using industry leading equipment, we can ensure we provide you with the most effective drying process to suit your requirements. London based operation in south east London for over 20 years.


Building Drying Services

Traditional drying methods may not always be the most appropriate techniques for drying out the structure of a building. By deploying the latest modern drying technology to your residential or commercial property, such as Pressure Drying, Injection Drying, Expansion Gap Plate Drying or Heat Mat Drying can avoid the need for total strip-out and reinstatement, saving you time and money:

Pressure Drying/Injection Drying is an effective, low impact, drying method which can greatly reduce stripping-out and renovation costs normally associated with a flood or an escape of water.

This state-of-the art technology uses a series of plates to remove the trapped moisture in a floor or wall construction, without using invasive methods.

This flexible drying method is one of the world’s most advanced Heat Drying Systems which can reduce standard drying times by as much as 50%. It can also avoid need for stripping out and replacing floors etc.

Construction Drying Services

A new build often holds moisture and can suffer from water damage. Our professional Construction Drying Service is specifically tailored for the new builds and the Construction Sector, enabling the rapid drying out of the building, avoiding any further damage. We have extensive experience of working in the Construction Sector and have worked with a range of different Construction Companies over the past 20 years to get them back on track.


Floor Drying Services

If your flooring has been subject to floor or water damage, we provide an efficient and effective floor drying service using advanced drying technologies. The drying out process can be conducted in less time than conventional drying methods.

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