DOFF and Torc: which system is best for you?

media blasting

DOFF and Torc are both systems which can be used for cleaning surfaces such as brick and stone. But to know which cleaning system is of better use for the outcome you wish to achieve, requires an understanding of how each system works and how it is used.

The equipment of both cleaning systems are supplied by Stonehealth Ltd and are favourable due to the convenience and simplicity.

DOFF Cleaning

The DOFF cleaning system heats up water up to 150°C creating high temperature steam. This is also easily adjustable to ensure even the most difficult of marks can be removed. It is an easy and quick system to use for cleaning, not to mention easily transportable from different locations.

Although a form of media blasting it does not use high pressure, meaning it is unlikely to damage the surfaces targeted. This also means that it can be used on softer materials such as wood and soapstone. Instead it is the high temperatures that help remove algae, paint, graffiti, limescale etc without disturbing surfaces or structures, as well as oil and grease.

Additionally, this process is eco friendly with a low carbon footprint, due to no water waste and reduced energy. Secondly, the water and steam are such high temperatures that no chemicals or cleaning products can be used for this process putting no harmful chemicals into the environment. Therefore, DOFF is perfect to be used on many exterior and interior surfaces, including floors, walls, steps, pavements, concrete, stone, cladding, tile and wood.

Torc Cleaning

Although DOFF cleaning is effective, it uses high temperatures which in some cases may not be the best for all surfaces if used incorrectly. Torc cleaning on the other hand is known as a more gentler approach, using a low water pressure, creating a gentle swirling vortex. This is due to the small amount of water, granulate and air that the Torc machine uses. Therefore, this machine is best used when wanting to be extra careful to cause no damage to surfaces and materials and making sure the substrate remains in its original state.

This system is an improvement of the JOS system which Stonehealth used to sell. The JOS system used 45 litres per hour, making the Torc System a practical and environmentally friendly cleaning system.

Torc cleaning comes with a nozzle that will assist in cleaning many different environments and surfaces to achieve the best results.

There are many different forms of granulates that can be used with this machine, however Stonehealth have named 3 they approve of. They are Calcite, Dolomite and Unil, which each give their own benefits. This machine is of best used for removing cement and oil based paint and limescale, as well as graffiti.

In conclusion, when deciding which machine is best depends on what and what surfaces are being cleaning. The Torc machines now only use 25 litres of water per hour of usage in comparison to the DOFF machine using 5 litres per minute. Secondly, the DOFF machine uses a higher temperature and higher pressures than the Torc machine.

To know which is best and to achieve the best results it is always best to seek help from professionals. CPL t/a Rainbow International have many years of experience in effectively using these technologies in a wide range of situations, so for further information about our DOFF and Torc services, please contact us on 020 4538 0717.